About TCROSS NEWS Global

Our Services

TCROSS NEWS Global identifies, highlights and provides most recent information in the field of cardiovascular healthcare to our partners across the world. We cover internationally renowned events such as Toyohashi live courses, CCT, ESC, TCT and CPAC, as well as other conferences that are of value to cardiologists and cardiovascular healthcare stakeholders around the world. We also partner with cardiovascular healthcare researchers and scholars to provide research support services in their clinical and/or academic research projects.

Our Aims

TCROSS NEWS Global aims to be a “one-stop” location for all cardiovascular related information. We strive to bring to your “digital doorsteps”, the ground-breaking discoveries and prominent cases as it concerns Cardiovascular Interventions (PCI), TAVR, Catheterizations, Contrast-imaging and all related procedures.

Our Team

TCROSS NEWS Global services is brought to you through teamwork by experienced Medical Doctors and Nurses, Pharmacists, Academic Researchers and Journalists. This team, in collaboration with national and international Societies of cardiologists, health professionals, Schools of Medicine and other stakeholders, works round the clock to provide you with live sessions, News, Journals, Cases and Conferences that you the best in the field of Cardiology.