Satoru Hashimoto

After graduating from Bellevue University in U.S.A. with a degree in Business Administration (cum laude), he returned to Japan and worked for a foreign healthcare consulting firm before joining the Cordis Division of Johnson & Johnson. Thereafter, after a consistent career in sales and marketing in the catheter intervention area, he founded TCROSS, Inc. in 2005. He entered the Graduate School of Management, Globis University in 2019 and graduated from the same graduate school in 2021 with an MBA (Master of Business Administration: High Distinction). In 2023, he enrolled in the Doctoral Program in Business Science, Graduate School of Strategic Management, Chuo University.
He is a member of Institute for Medical and Nursing Care Solutions, Tama University, Japan Science and Technology Journalists Association, International Science Writers Association (ISWA), and Japanese Society for Healthcare Management.

Areas of Expertise

Product marketing (medical devices and pharmaceuticals), event planning, management, and data science

Affiliations and Academic Societies

  • Institute for Medical and Nursing Care Solutions, Tama University
  • The Japanese Association of Science and Technology Journalists
  • International Science Writers Association (ISWA)
  • Japan Society of Healthcare Management
  • Japan Society of Healthcare and Hospital Administration

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Bellevue University (BS: cum laude)
  • MBA (cum laude), Graduate School of Management, Globis University
  • Doctoral student, Graduate School of Strategic Management, Chuo University


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Yoshihiro Motozawa

Worked as a cardiologist at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center and the University of Tokyo Hospital. He engaged in basic research in the field of molecular biology at the University of Tokyo Graduate School. After working for a medical venture, he joined TCROSS Inc. in 2019. Currently, in addition to being a clinician, he also serves as a web content planner and medical advisor for TCROSS NEWS.
Cardiologist, graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine (MD), Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo (Ph.D.).

Areas of Expertise

General cardiology, healthcare marketing (medical devices and pharmaceuticals), digital marketing (user thinking and behaviour analysis), healthcare business management and business strategy (problem identification and planning)

Affiliated organization/Academic society

  • Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
  • Japanese Circulation Society Cardiovascular Specialist


  • Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine (M.D.)
  • Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine (PhD.)


  • Motozawa Y, Uozumi H, Maemura S, Nakata R, Yamamoto K, Takizawa M, Kumagai H, Ikeda Y, Komuro I, Ikenouchi H.Acute Myocardial Infarction That Resulted From Poor Adherence to Medical Treatment for Giant Coronary Aneurysm.Int Heart J. 2015;56(5):551-4. doi:10.1536/ihj.15-155. Epub 2015 Jul 3.
  • Kumagai H, Ikeda Y, Motozawa Y, Fujishiro M, Okamura T, Fujio K, Okazaki H, Nomura S, Takeda N, Harada M, Toko H, Takimoto E, Akazawa H, Morita H, Suzuki J, Yamazaki T, Yamamoto K, Komuro I, Yanagisawa M.Quantitative Measurement of GPCR Endocytosis via Pulse-Chase Covalent Labeling.PLoS One. 2015 May 28;10(5):e0129394. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0129394. eCollection 2015.