Social Media Policy

TCROSS Co., Ltd. ("TCROSS Co., Ltd." or the "Company") will comply with this policy when using social media.

Awareness and Responsibility in Social Media Information Dissemination

  1. Always be aware that information transmitted on the Internet is accessible to an unspecified number of users.
  2. Be fully aware that the information you transmit through social media has no small influence on the world.
  3. Be aware that social media can help us build a better relationship with society and with our users through communication and can contribute to the enhancement of our brand.

Attitudes toward social media policy

  1. Be attentive to what others say, take responsibility for the information you send and how you respond, and be careful not to mislead others.
  2. Fully understand that once information is published, it cannot be completely removed.
  3. Observe the standards of each social media platform and respect its culture and etiquette.
  4. Compliance with laws and regulations
  5. When disseminating information, we ask that you comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations, as well as internal regulations set forth by the Company.
  6. Pay sufficient attention to the copyrights, portrait rights, privacy rights, etc. of third parties, and respect the rights of third parties without infringing on their rights.

Requests to Users

  1. Not all of the information transmitted by the Company on social media necessarily represents official announcements or views. Please refer to our website for official announcements.
  2. Information is current at the time of transmission and is subject to change. We do not guarantee the integrity or infallibility of information on social media.

Terms of Use for Social Networking Sites

Please click here to view our Social Networking Site Terms of Use.