Cardiovascular Intervention Association of Thailand's 14th Annual Conference, CIAT 2023: Part 2

Cardiovascular Intervention Association of Thailand's 14th Annual Conference, CIAT 2023: Part 2

This year, the 14th annual scientific conference of The Cardiovascular Intervention Association of Thailand (CIAT) was held from 2nd December to 3rd December 2023. This occasion featured many speakers and interventionists from all over the world, who shared their articles, experiences, and complex cases during the event.

The first day of the event also featured the Case presentation 3 (The Most Educated Case for Fellow) session which was sponsored by Merit Medical and was moderated by Dr. Chaiyasith Wongvipaporn, and Dr. Sarunyoo Suttipongkeat. The session had Drs. Li Wah Tam, Viroon Likhitlertlum, Chanikarn Kanaderm, Jutatip Na Witayanan, and Choutchung Tinakorn Na Ayudhya, as Judges.

The first presenter of this session, Dr. Tussapon Raomanachai of the Division of Cardiovascular Me...
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